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When I first meet patients they are often overwhelmed by stress.  Their stress may come from finances, a workplace situation, a recent diagnosis or family/relationship problems.   Regardless of the source of stress, they are feeling like they have too much to do and not enough time, or energy, to get it all done.       The thought of adding in some stress management strategies seems like “one more thing to do”.   At this point I introduce my… Read more »

Compassion Fatigue

It can be tough time of year for health care professionals, particularly for those of us in mental health, with higher levels of compassion fatigue creeping in, which can lead to burnout. In my experience, November and February present us with the highest levels of depression.  For patients who struggle with addictions, December can be a very difficult month.   We have shorter days with colder temperatures, so patients are getting out less often and engaging in less physical activity…. Read more »


I’m pretty pumped… I just registered for World Domination Summit 2015.  I’ve been wanting to go for the last three years, but the circumstances were never right.  This year I’ve met a few people who have attended in the past and I decided 2015 is my year.   As someone who wants to share the message of the many gifts of mindfulness, this event will help me take that message to the next level.     Some other exciting things… Read more »

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Personally, today was not a great day. Some losses. I think it’s important to share, as humans, that we all have ups and downs. When I work with a patient who has depression and their goal is to “be happy”, I spend time chatting with them about the natural range of emotions.   Loss and sadness happens – it’s a part of life. If we’re lucky, we get to choose how to respond to it. Once upon a time I… Read more »


Last night, on the yoga mat, I had a fun moment of awareness space I don’t have goals when it comes to yoga or mindfulness meditation.  space space I do have intentions. m space Each practice, my intention is to be present and take belly breaths. space It’s that simple. Arrive. space When my mind wanders (as it always does), I bring my attention back to the breath, or pose, and just be. space