Last night, on the yoga mat, I had a fun moment of awareness

I don’t have goals when it comes to yoga or mindfulness meditation.

I do have intentions.
Each practice, my intention is to be present and take belly breaths.
It’s that simple. Arrive.
When my mind wanders (as it always does), I bring my attentionback to the breath, or pose, and just be.
Noticing my breath, deep within my belly.
I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation regularly for six years now.



I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for about eight years.


Over the past six months I have become much more dedicated to yoga,
practicing at least 4 times per week.
I don’t rarely compare myself to others.
I smile when I wobble or fall over.
I feel pride when my arms shake because I am creating change in my body.
Last night I noticed the following:
  • My twists have increased significantly and my breath deepens while in them.


  • The strength in my quads is fun to notice – I’m much more stable in half moon.


  • My arms and shoulders can hold more – I did my first handstand (with wall support of course).



All while doing deep belly breaths and just being present.



Of course my mind still wanders.


Of course my mind still has momentary judgements about my body (especially when I get stuck practicing near the mirror!).


But the more I live and practice mindfulness, the more peace and joy I feel.
I will continue to focus on my intention (arrive and belly breath).
And maybe in six more months I will have another fun moment of awareness on the mat.


Simply intend to show up and trust in the practice.


For a free five minute guided meditation click here.



For one free class in a great yoga studio in Calgary, check this place out.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

peace & joy

While I like routine, I also need flexibility.


If I set a rigid self-care or mindfulness schedule, I will spend much time and energy dreading what I “have to” do.



The Experiment


This week I decided to experiment with a new way to approach my mindfulness and self-care plan.


I created a flexi-self-care plan, in which I set weekly goals without a specific schedule.


My goals


I wanted to include:


3 Yoga Classes

6 Sitting Meditations

3 Mindful Movements (exercise, but done mindfully).


Each day I could chose whichever practice my body felt like doing.


This week I am happy to report:


6 Sitting Mindfulness Meditation Practices – both at home and in the office, ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

6 Yoga Practices – Restorative, Hatha, Yin and Yang, Restorative, Gentle Flow, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.

4 Mindful Moments – 2 Runs, 1 Walk, 1 Swimming Laps.



The Results


This week I ended up with more mindfulness practices than I normally have.


I’ve found that I’ve had more energy and have required less sleep.  I normally require 7-8 hours of sleep, yet this past week I have only been requiring 6-7 hours.


I’ve had more energy and better focus.


My mood has been very calm (less agitation when stuck in traffic).


My appetite has been more balanced – no urges for emotional eating, more cravings for healthy, clean foods.


I’ve done short gratitude practices before working with each client – I believe this makes me a better clinician.


Went to the doctors – my blood pressure was 104/70 BOOM!


What’s Next?


I quite like my flexi-self-care plan idea!


My mindfulness goals for next week are:


3 Yoga Practices

3 Mindful Movements (see, it sounds so much better than “exercise”)

6 Sitting Meditations

1 Mindful Cooking

3 Mindful Meals


Your Turn


What mindfulness goals would you like to set for the next 7 days?


Share it in the comments below and then come back once you’ve completed them.  Remember to make your goals realistic – you can increase them over time.