Yoga is great at revealing how to find inner peace and happiness, and this new form of yoga can be used by a broader range of people. Image courtesy of Flickr- adria.richards

Yoga has always been associated with learning how to find inner peace and happiness, but some people don’t try yoga because it looks too hard and strenuous. Now though there’s a new and more relaxed type of yoga, “Restorative yoga”, which is proving to result in inner peace and happiness, and due to its more gentle and relaxed approach Restorative Yoga is being adopted by a broader demographic, from teens to elderly. Here’s more on how to find inner peace and happiness with Restorative Yoga by Laurie Cooper.

In a world of increasing chaos and uncertainty, a growing number of North Shore residents are finding peace and tranquility – on a yoga mat. Restorative yoga classes are being offered at nearly every studio these days and there are some very good reasons for it. Research in the U.S. is looking into the use of restorative yoga as a treatment for breast cancer, for anxiety reduction, to reduce metabolic syndrome, and to help menopausal women cope with hot flashes.

Restorative yoga is very different from other types of yoga. There are no complicated pretzel twists. The room is not heated to a Saharan temperature. This restful yoga practice involves using cushions and bolsters to support the body in specific yoga poses, ideally with no muscle engagement at all. It makes for a very gentle and accessible yoga class.

Trained as a classical yoga teacher, Collins started teaching restorative yoga by accident when a teacher didn’t show up for a class. She enjoyed the experience, took the training and has been enthusiastically sharing her passion for restorative yoga ever since.

“In our society, a lot of us are driven by egos and materialistic goals,” says Collins. “This constant striving places an enormous strain on our nervous system. We are overtaxed, overscheduled, and we don’t get enough sleep. We are running on adrenaline.
A restorative yoga class allows people to take an hour out of their busy lives and just sit with themselves.”

Most of the poses are done on the floor using foam cushions, cork blocks, and bolsters to support the body for anywhere from five to seven minutes in each pose. The length of the poses is an important part of the practice because sometimes it can take a long time for the body to completely relax and let go.

Collins teaches two classes each week at Maa Yoga in Dollarton where a total of eight restorative classes are offered weekly.
Farhad Khan is the owner of Maa Yoga and he is convinced of the importance of restorative yoga.

“I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from doing restorative yoga,” says Khan. “We have athletes who are getting over an injury, people who have had hip replacements, people suffering from high blood pressure and insomnia… but mostly we get people who are looking for a bit of relaxation and stress reduction.Original Source

There are many different ways which can teach you how to find inner peace and happiness, I encourage you to try a few different approaches so you can find what works best for you.

What helps you find inner peace and happiness?

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