How to have peace of mind is a very good question to ask. The mind is a very complex tool but put simply, you either control your mind or it controls you. Once you can control your mind it becomes a beautiful tool which you can call upon at will as well as rest and switch off at will. However if the mind controls you, the unrest and constant repetitive thoughts run loose in your head. So this post is aimed at giving you a better understanding of how to control your mind. The benefits of being able to use your mind and also understanding how to rest it are immense. You will experience inner peace and clarity of thoughts arise once you are able to do this. The best known way of practicing how to do this is by meditation.

See what the Dalai Lama has to say about this.

“Every day I experience the benefits of having peace of mind. It is very good for the body. As you might imagine, I am quite a busy man with many responsibilities, deciding on policies, traveling and making speeches. All of this is certainly a considerable burden, and yet my blood pressure is that of a baby. Whatever is good for me is also good for others; I have no doubt about that. A good diet, refraining from excessive desires and daily meditation all lead to peace of mind, and this peace of mind is physically beneficial. Despite all the difficulties we face in life, and I have not been spared on that account, we can all experience the effects of such a way of life.

Worldly activities are like ripples on a lake: hardly has one disappeared than another one emerges. It is endless. Worldly activity will never stop until death. Now that we have obtained a precious human life, it would be such a pity if we were not to open ourselves up a little to the influences of Dharma (natural law). We should seize every opportunity to practice the truth and improve ourselves, instead of waiting for a time when we are less busy.

Peace of MInd

You can always find solutions if you know a few tips on how to think differently!

If we disturb a lake it will become muddy, but the nature of water itself is not muddied. We only have to let the waters grow calm again for the mud to settle at the bottom, and the water will regain its original purity. What can we do to to restore our mind to its original purity? How can we eradicate the various factors in mental pollution? We cannot get rid of them through outside struggles, nor by ignoring them, but only by injecting powerful antidotes via the channel of meditation. If you are able to practice meditation every day, gathering your scattered mind by focusing on an internal object, that would be a great help. The stream of thoughts thinking of good things, bad things, and so on, will quieten down. You will find it’s like taking a short vacation: finding yourself beyond your thoughts and resting there”.

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